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March 21 2013

Unleashing Economic Potential with Public Transit: The Future of Vancouver, British Columbia’s Broadway Corridor

March 21st, 2013Posted by Courtney McLaughlin

Is rapid transit a key factor to unleashing a city’s economic potential? A new report from accounting giant KPMG indicates that this is certainly the case for Vancouver, British Columbia’s Broadway Corridor. The Corridor is a ten-kilometer stretch of roadway that spans the length between historic Commercial Drive and the largest university in Vancouver, the […]

March 07 2013

Will Evergreen Mean Forever Green for Metro Vancouver? Transit Accessibility in British Columbia’s Largest Urban Centre

March 7th, 2013Posted by Courtney McLaughlin

Vancouver, British Columbia consistently ranks as one of the “most livable” cities in the world. However, what is frequently ignored about Canada’s most livable city are the multiple suburb municipalities that surround it. The Metro Vancouver region is composed of twenty-two municipalities and a population of just under two million people, many of whom work and […]

February 21 2013

Democratizing Urban Design: A Public Square for Downtown Vancouver, British Columbia

February 21st, 2013Posted by Courtney McLaughlin

Vancouver, British Columbia can only be described as picturesque; mountain framed and seaside, the city begs to be photographed and experienced by tourists and locals alike. Along with the gorgeous scenery and temperate climate has arisen a high demand for real estate in the downtown peninsula, which has gradually resulted in a real lack of […]

February 07 2013

Taking to the Street: Redefining Public Space in Vancouver, British Columbia

February 7th, 2013Posted by Courtney McLaughlin

How can city streets be better used to create a sense of community and engage locals in conversations about public space? That’s the question that The Vancouver Public Space Network (VPSN), a grassroots organization focused on public space issues, sought to explore during their four week “Lunch Meet Series” last summer. Each Thursday during July 2012 […]

January 31 2013

(The GRID Assistant Editor) Debra Hawryzki: Vancouver, British Columbia

January 31st, 2013Posted by Renée van Staveren

A big Global Site Plans welcome to our newest Assistant Editor, Debra Hawryzki from Vancouver, British Columbia. Debra Hawryzki is a recent business graduate from the Beedie School of Business at Simon Fraser University, where she obtained a concentration in marketing and a publishing minor. Although she grew up in Nanaimo and Victoria, she considers […]

January 24 2013

Riding Towards Sustainability: Vancouver, British Columbia’s Canada Line and the Growing Pains of the Cambie Corridor

January 24th, 2013Posted by Courtney McLaughlin

Just months prior to the 2010 Winter Olympics, Vancouver authorities proudly announced the opening of “The Canada Line,” Canada’s only fixed link between a major city and its international airport. The rapid transit train, which runs primarily underground between Vancouver’s city center and the outlying suburb city of Richmond, takes only 25 minutes to move […]

December 27 2012

Where Past Meets Future: Revitalizing Vancouver, British Columbia’s Chinatown Neighborhood

December 27th, 2012Posted by Courtney McLaughlin

Chinatown is one of Vancouver, British Columbia’s original four neighborhoods. Located at the neck of the downtown peninsula, the district holds particular historical and cultural importance. In the past several decades Chinatown has seen a mass exodus of retailers and residents as Chinese communities have become more developed in Vancouver’s suburban cities. Recognizing the importance […]

December 13 2012

Compassionate Design for Social Change: Vancouver’s Oppenheimer Park

December 13th, 2012Posted by Courtney McLaughlin

Although frequently ignored in mainstream discourse, the City of Vancouver, British Columbia sits on unceded First Nations’ land. Years of systematic neglect have transformed Vancouver’s oldest neighbourhood, now called the Downtown Eastside (DTES), into essentially an urban reserve. The DTES, historically home to marginalized groups, is the single poorest postal code in Canada. Despite the […]

November 29 2012

Daylighting an Urban Stream: The Still Creek Enhancement Project in Vancouver, Canada

November 29th, 2012Posted by Courtney McLaughlin

Often nicknamed the “City of Glass” for its towering downtown condominiums, it is hard to imagine that Vancouver, British Columbia used to be a dense cedar and hemlock forest hosting one of the most active above-ground water drainage areas in the Northwest. More than 100 years after the first European settlers arrived on Canada’s West […]

November 15 2012

Making Changes at the Core: Transforming Vancouver, Canada’s Viaduct System

November 15th, 2012Posted by Courtney McLaughlin

At the eastern edge of downtown Vancouver, Canada remains the elevated viaducts of a freeway system that never came to be. In the 1960s, after a display of public engagement that has become legend in Vancouver, a proposed expressway was successfully opposed making Vancouver one of the only cities in North America without a major […]

November 12 2012

The Top 3 Similarities Between Spokane/Spokane Valley’s and Vancouver/Portland’s Metropolitan Relationships

November 12th, 2012Posted by Aascot Holt

Metropolitan areas always have a dominating, bustling municipality at the heart. These regional strongholds, with their loud industrial and commercial districts in which crime is common, soon sprouted the desire in residents to get the heck out of there and move outwards to a cheaper, suburban lifestyle. A “stronghold” is a larger, older municipality than […]

November 01 2012

Playing for Greener Streets in Vancouver, Canada

November 1st, 2012Posted by Courtney McLaughlin

By 2020 all residents of Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada will live within a five-minute walk of a park, greenway, or other green space. This goal may seem far-fetched but the creators of Vancouver’s Greenest City Action Plan (GCAP), along with community supporters, are finding interesting methods of making this dream a reality. The city’s Neighbourhood […]

October 24 2012

(The GRID Blogger) Courtney McLaughlin: Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

October 24th, 2012Posted by Renée van Staveren

A big Global Site Plans welcome to our newest blogger, Courtney McLaughlin from Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. Courtney McLaughlin is completing her undergraduate degree in Communication Studies at Simon Fraser University in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. An avid traveler, her interests are public space modification in Canadian cities and sustainable urban planning. As an aspiring landscape […]

September 05 2012

Tending the Urban Forest in Vancouver and Toronto, Canada

September 5th, 2012Posted by Jordan Rockerbie

On opposite sides of the country are two of Canada’s iconic cities: Vancouver, British Columbia and Toronto, Ontario. In this age of green building practices and sustainable development, both cities are pushing forward to be leaders in environmentally conscious city planning and design. Toronto has adopted a green roof strategy and passed bylaws to require […]

August 02 2012

Foodies Tackle Urban Distribution Challenges with Community Kitchens: Providence, Vancouver, and San Francisco

August 2nd, 2012Posted by Lillian Mathews

Food talk is hot these days. Urban planning councils and governments now implement sustainable food mandates, and city revitalization projects transform old buildings into gourmet mixed-use shopping centers. It’d be easy to assume that food producers have an easy time getting their products to city consumers. Yet even with a growing appetite for their goods, […]

August 05 2015

Montreal, Canada’s Angus TechnoHub Phase 2 Breaking Ground in 2017

August 5th, 2015Posted by Bora Mici

Christian Yaccarini, President of the Angus Development Organization, introduces the second phase of the Angus TechnoHub, an eco-neighborhood in Montreal, Canada that promises to use the best new technologies to become a global model in sustainable urban development. The first phase of the Angus TechnoHub started 20 years ago on the former Angus Shops industrial […]

July 16 2015

The Olympics Settle in at Montreal, Canada’s City Center

July 16th, 2015Posted by Bora Mici

The Canadian Olympic Committee (COC) inaugurated the Canadian Olympic House at 500 West Rene-Levesque Boulevard in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. La Presse had access to a guided visit of the place little before its opening. Here are some salient facts about it. The Best Montreal Presence The idea for the House began to germinate in the […]

April 09 2015

La Remise Crowdfunds Villeray, Montreal’s First Tool Sharing Library

April 9th, 2015Posted by Bora Mici

On occasion who doesn’t need tools for a carpentry, gardening or renovation project? Rather than being forced to buy these tools, the people of Montreal will soon have access to a wide range of cheap equipment thanks to La Remise, a tools library, which plans to open its doors in Villeray, Montreal this spring. Such tool libraries […]

March 20 2015

Lessons in Placemaking from the Dabbawallas of Mumbai, India

March 20th, 2015Posted by Auditiyo Das Gupta

Social innovation, when done properly, not only provides sustainable jobs. It can also shape the culture of a city. A sustainable business does not have to be high-tech, and no one knows this better than the dabbawallas of Mumbai, India. These nondescript lunchbox delivery workers amble along on simple bicycles, motorbikes, and city-trains, and it […]

February 20 2015

Lack of Informal Tea Stalls for Well-designed Powai Signals Exclusivity in Mumbai, India

February 20th, 2015Posted by Auditiyo Das Gupta

The experience of driving into Powai in Mumbai, India, is like finding an island in the middle of the sea. After miles of utilitarian roads surrounded by housing of all types, entering Powai’s well-designed promenades feels like a rush of escapism. The recent Hiranandani Gardens development project features vast streetscapes with everything from posh restaurants […]


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