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November 24 2014

Red Light Stops Revitalization of Montreal’s Red Light District

November 24th, 2014Posted by Caitlin Dixon

The corner of St. Laurent Boulevard and Ste. Catherine Street used to form a gateway to the lower Main: Montreal’s Red Light District. Home to organized crime, prostitution, illegal gaming houses, cabarets, brothels and strip clubs, the sex industry has a long, illustrious heritage in the city. Since the late 19th Century, the area welcomed […]

November 20 2014

Will the Elderly Run to the Suburbs? In Montreal, it Seems to be the Case

November 20th, 2014Posted by Bora Mici

If we were to believe a study published by a Concordia University researcher, it would be necessary to redouble efforts in order to attract silver heads and other “boomers,” who are set to expand the cohort of seniors over the course of the coming decades like never before, to urban centers.  In spite of analyses that […]

November 13 2014

Montreal May See an Expansion of Self-Service Vehicles and Car Sharing

November 13th, 2014Posted by Bora Mici

We estimate that a car in Montreal spends ninety-five percent of its time parked every week. In this context, self-service cars could contribute to reducing the number of vehicles on the road, and their deployment should be encouraged, believe researchers at the Ecole Polytechnique, [stating so] in a memo jotted down in the framework of the […]

November 12 2014

Silos and Signage Reflect Industrial Heritage in Old Port of Montreal, Quebec

November 12th, 2014Posted by Caitlin Dixon

The heyday of industrial activity in the Old Port of Montreal lasted between 1896 and 1930, when the city became a bustling center for the grain trade. To meet the demands of the million tonnes of merchandise passing through the city, the port modernized its facilities. Massive grain elevators, sheds and higher quays were built […]

October 30 2014

Edison Student Residence Pays Homage to Cinematic Innovation in Montreal

October 30th, 2014Posted by Bora Mici

On a vacant site located in the epicenter of student life in Montreal, north of McGill University in the Milton Gates district, stands the Edison Residence, the latest architectural conception of the architecture collective KANVA. Its doors were opened on Aug. 30, 2014. It’s an “animated architecture” that pays homage to Thomas Edison, one of […]

October 29 2014

A New District Emerges Around Historic Windsor Station in Downtown Montreal

October 29th, 2014Posted by Caitlin Dixon

A new bit of skyline will emerge in the lower part of downtown Montreal during the next fifteen years. Developer Cadillac-Fairview, a real-estate branch of the Ontario Teacher’s Pension Plan, is creating Quad Windsor, a mixed-use development project comprised of nine new buildings centered around Windsor Station. The two billion dollar project is to be […]

October 16 2014

Balancing Priority for Pedestrians and Parking in Rue Sainte-Catherine West, Montreal

October 16th, 2014Posted by Bora Mici

Priority to pedestrians, but also more parking – this is the paradox that emerges from the first phase of consultations conducted by the City regarding the restructuring of Rue Sainte-Catherine West, which the President of the Executive Committee, Pierre Desrochers, summed up recently. The city’s designers formulated four restructuring alternatives in the stride of this […]

October 15 2014

Montreal, Quebec is One of Five Global Hubs of UN’s Future Earth Project

October 15th, 2014Posted by Caitlin Dixon

Climate change poses a threat to peace, security, health, livelihoods, places and species. The United Nations project Future Earth has been designed to respond to these challenges. Its purpose is to advance scientific studies on questions of environmental impact, to merge science and public policy, and to develop the knowledge for responding effectively to the […]

October 10 2014

Racing Towards the Finish Line: Behind Montreal’s Hippodrome Development Project

October 10th, 2014Posted by Caitlin Dixon

The Hippodrome of Montreal, formerly named the Blue Bonnets Raceway, was a horse racing track and casino founded in 1872. It has sat at its current site on Decarie Boulevard in the Côte-des-Neiges–Notre-Dame-de-Grâce borough since 1907. Having gone bankrupt and officially closing its doors in 2009, the 43.5-hectare tract of vacant, abandoned land presents the […]

October 07 2014

Bois-Franc Neighborhood in Saint-Laurent, Montreal Serves as TOD & LEED Model

October 7th, 2014Posted by Bora Mici

Imagine a train station very close to the intersection of the underused sector of Henri-Bourassa and Marcel-Laurin boulevards in Saint-Laurent, France. In this forward-thinking arrondisement, green, sustainable development is the only option for the future. Moving forward, businesses and residences aiming for LEED certification, as well as green spaces that favor walking or biking will […]

September 26 2014

#IAMTHEGRID: Two Years Later Jordan Rockerbie Reflects from Montreal, Canada

September 26th, 2014Posted by Renée van Staveren

“Globally diverse content” Jordan encapsulates The Grid in three words. Between June and December 2012 Jordan Rockerbie joined The Grid blogging team from Kelowna, British Columbia and Banff, Alberta, Canada. Now, almost two years later, he reflects on his 6 months with The Grid. He attributes some of his success and current attendance in McGill University’s […]

September 26 2014

In Montreal, Bus Drivers Demand a Law Prohibiting Bicyclists in Protected Lanes

September 26th, 2014Posted by Katelyn Hewett

Exasperated by the presence of cyclists in the streets’ protected lanes, the bus drivers of Montreal denounce the “inaction” of police officers in a petition. They demand the creation of a law that expressly forbids bikers to ride in lanes reserved for buses during peak hours. Driver Jency Mercier, who works for the Transportation Society […]

September 25 2014

Green Alleyways in the City-Centre of Montreal, Quebec

September 25th, 2014Posted by Bora Mici

The Ruelles Market is at the corner of Peel Street, in an alleyway adjacent to Sainte-Catherine Street. While their counterparts in residential neighborhoods are becoming greener and livelier, the alleyways of the city-centre are, on the contrary, nearly empty. They are less welcoming, very somber in the evenings, scorching during the dogdays of summer, and […]

September 19 2014

The Iconic Form of Montreal’s Plexes Wavers with Condominium Construction

September 19th, 2014Posted by Caitlin Dixon

Residents that walk the streets of Montreal, and visitors alike, are often drawn to the city’s architecture, particularly its iconic form of the plexes. These two to three story, flat-roofed residential buildings may take the form of duplexes (two units), triplexes (three units), or multiplexes (four to six units), and are most widely recognized for their outdoor […]

September 16 2014

Reducing Residential Street Speed Limits in Rosemont-La Petite-Patrie, Montreal

September 16th, 2014Posted by Katelyn Hewett

The speed limit on the residential streets of Rosemont-La Petite-Patrie (a borough of Montreal, Canada) is currently 40 km/h, except for in school zones and around parks, where the speed limit drops to 30 km/h. The speed limit on arterial streets is 50 km/h. The Mayor, François Croteau, would like to lower the speed limit […]

September 05 2014

Turning Over a New Leaf at the Queen of Angels Campus in Montreal, Quebec

September 5th, 2014Posted by Caitlin Dixon

As a new school year begins, the girls that once attended Queen of Angels Academy will be starting a new grade at entirely new schools. This semi-private, Catholic, all-girls secondary school in Dorval, a Montreal suburb located on the western part of the island, completed its final school year in June 2014 and officially closed […]

September 04 2014

Teenagers Pedal for a Greener Neighborhood in Montreal, Quebec

September 4th, 2014Posted by Bora Mici

On Monday, around fifity teenagers on bikes invaded the streets of Saint-Laurent in order to sensitize its residents toward the adoption of better environmental habits. The youth of the C-Vert project want to sensitize citizens to using the bicycle as a daily means of transportation. The young people – all of them between fourteen and sixteen years old – […]

September 01 2014

Montreal Initiates Global Movement of Urban Agriculture Summer Schools

September 1st, 2014Posted by Marcus Khoury

A survey conducted last year by the City of Montreal revealed that 42% of citizens practice urban agriculture. More than simply gardening, urban agriculture is a social movement that can service as an educational tool and means of achieving food justice. It was with these ideas in mind that some 200 citizens and researchers  participated […]

August 29 2014

“Pedestrianized” Prince Arthur Street of Montreal Unappealing to Pedestrians

August 29th, 2014Posted by Caitlin Dixon

Located in the Plateau-Mont-Royal borough, Prince Arthur Street is known to Montrealers for its stretch of road, open year-round to pedestrian-only traffic. This segment is bordered by the two major commercial thoroughfares of Saint Laurent Boulevard and Saint-Denis Street, though the latter is situated beyond Square St-Louis, a small picturesque park. The glory of this […]

August 25 2014

The Future Pie-IX Boulevard Bus Rapid Transit System of Montreal, Canada

August 25th, 2014Posted by Marcus Khoury

Introduction Pie-IX Boulevard is one of the Montreal metro area’s most frequented roadways. It passes by important locations such as the Parc Olympique, the Maisonneuve-Rosemont Hospital, and educational institutions. It is on this corridor that the City of Montreal wants to set up a BRT (Bus Rapid Transit) in the coming years in order to […]


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